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Superhero Challenge – Day 7: Weekend Update

29 Sep
How can cooking not be a blast when you have a sidekick like this in the kitchen?

Keeping it classy in my parents’ kicthen. How can cooking not be a blast when you have a sidekick like this in the kitchen?

No, I didn’t perish from almond butter overdose. I just had an awesome weekend and am now sitting down to share it. I spent time with some of my best friends, caught up on rest, spent time enjoying the beautiful fall weather and got to hang out with my family today while I tried out some new recipes. It was fun to get my family involved so they can see that I truly haven’t lost it and that this whole paleo thing isn’t that crazy.

Even my 4 year old nephew lent a helping hand with making Honey Nut Granola Cereal (see the recipe link below). He discovered his love of Aunt Alyssa’s not so cheap dried blueberries, but look at that kid, how could I say no?

Tired pups

If only they were always this tired and innocent.

I will say the best part was checking out a nearby dog park with my roommate and her dog. I’ve been meaning to go for months but was always afraid to go by myself so we tag teamed it and it was awesome! Tired pups make for happy owners, that’s for sure.

The other highlight of my weekend was FINALLY getting a hanging 3 tier produce basket. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to fill it with things. Yep. That’s right. Things, not even limiting it to produce. I feel like a responsible adult when I buy things like this. I have my wonderful coworker to thank for that, as she was the one who actually found it whilst out on her own shopping trip. She actually has an AWESOME blog you should check out for some mouthwatering recipes… I would know since she often brings her creations in to the office for us (seriously, I get so jealous of her cooking skillz).

Workout wise, I just went on some long walks yesterday and today. My legs were pretty weak after Friday’s WOD. And by weak I mean it absolutely kicked my ass twice over. Oh… what’s that… you want to see what put me to shame? Well, since we’re all friends here…

KB Warm Up
Dynamic Warm Up/Stretch
3 Round
5 Thruster
5 Front Squat

1) Strict Press
4 @ 75% – 4 @ 80% – 4 @ 80% – 4 @ 85% (I maxed out at 55#, which I was pretty impressed with since earlier this week my 1 rep max was just under 60)
2) Front Squat (I hadn’t maxed out in awhile so just went off of what my partner was doing. I ended at 75# and was content with that for now.)
5 @ 65% – 4 @ 75% – 4 @ 80% – 4 @ 85%

“Air Force WOD”
20 Thruster (95/65) (This is where I wilted like a flower, after my first one I had to drop from 55# and tried doing 45#… and ended up having to switch to the training bar and go with 25# for the workout… eventually dropping to only 3 burpees per minute an only 15 reps of each. I looked like a flopping fish out of water doing those burpess by the end, but such is life (In this video, you can see me struggling and those are my fellow crossfitters trying to cheer me on). Sure it hurt my ego BUT I was able to finish the workout AND definitely pushed myself even with that weight. Hopefully my body has adjusted to this new diet and getting back in to the whole crossfit routine that next week I’ll feel stronger).
20 Push Jerk
20 OHS
20 Front Squat
*Perform 4 burpees at the start of each minute

Like I mentioned above, I did try out a few new recipes and of course I took photos (duh). Check them out below!

Paleo Spinach Artichoke Dip

As I’ve mentioned before, spinach artichoke dip is my weakness (especially Applebees). Well thanks to the magical powers of Google, I was able to find a paleo friendly recipe that actually didn’t taste half bad! I actually really liked it. I brought it to a birthday party Friday and served it with veggies… I discovered Trader Joe’s plaintain chips today and it took this tip to a whole new level! Click here for the delicious recipe.

Honey Nut Granola Cereal

I go back and forth between craving hot breakfasts and cold ones… last week I was all about the eggs. This week I thought I’d try out this cereal with almond milk to satisfy my cereal craving. Spoiler alert, this photo was not taken in my kitchen, but one day I hope to own such fine kitchen decorative pieces. Click here for the quick and easy recipe.

Cauliflower Lasagna

I have to give a shout out to my mom for helping me create this delicious Italian paleo alternative. It was fun to cook together, even though I took all of the food to feed myself over the next few days, I did promise to make my parents a batch if it’s a success. This recipe uses cauliflower instead of noodles. I haven’t tried it yet but am bringing it for lunch tomorrow so I’ll be sure to report back. It smelled like perfection though so I have a good feeling. Click here for this paleo friendly lasagna recipe.

Week 2 starts tomorrow… feeling recharged and ready to conquer it!! Goodnight all 🙂


Superhero Challenge – Day 4: No More Almond Butter

26 Sep

This is going to be short and not so sweet. Today sucked. Big time. Not sure if it’s because I was dehydrated or because my body just didn’t like mix of foods I ate for dinner and breakfast but I felt extremely nauseous until about noon today. I blame the almond butter I had for dessert and breakfast this morning (with strawberries). Why do I blame it? Because for some reason after loving it last night, just the thought makes me cringe. Maybe I need to tone down my fat intake (bacon, avocados, coconut oil, almond butter) and find a happy medium. At any rate, on exhausted BUT I did stay strong despite almost convincing myself Qdoba was the only thing that would make me feel better. I had some lunchtime support from a coworker, which was a huge help. Of course my mom has been great too. Normally she would be the one encouraging me to go for it and do what makes me happy (even in to my 20s she still tries to fatten me up). I am so grateful she understands how important this challenge is for me and how it’s about more than just eating certain foods and more of proving to myself I have the willpower.

Taking it one day at a time and hoping tomorrow is better. At least my “workout” for the day, bowling was fun. Even thought we lost, laughing helped me get focused again.

I sure do love all my people! Here’s to a better day tomorrow!

(Pardon the typos, this was written on my non iPhone phone… right before going to bed… did I mention I’m exhausted? 🙂 )

25 Things I’ve Realized Since Turning 25

19 Feb

A few weeks ago I turned 25 and since then I’ve had time to reflect on what has changed in my life… and what’s stayed the same:

1. I can legally rent a car.

2. I don’t have money to travel so have no need to rent a car.

3. Next year I will be closer to 30 than 20.

4.  30 is the new 20 so it doesn’t bother me too much.

5. Going to bed at 9pm on a weeknight is ok.

6. Going to bed at 9pm on a weekend night is ok… because I’m 25.

7. There is a big difference between a college bar and a young professional bar and it can be noticed within 30 seconds of entering.

8. At 25 you can get away with being seen at both a college bar and a young professional bar.

9. You know the type of bar you were at based on how you feel the morning after. Spoiler alert – just because you’re at a college bar does not mean you can drink like a college student. It. Will. Hurt.

10. I have a new found sense of independence and enjoy doing things for myself, such as the Ikea desk I put together (over the course of 3 weeks… ok fine it was a month and a half).

11. I’ve become one of those people that tells teenagers to be quiet at the movie theater. Justification – I paid good money to see this.

12. I’m mad at college year self for eating and drinking so much that I now have to work out and eat healthy to make up for it.

13. I envy college year self for eating and drinking whatever/whenever.

14. Taking shots is just… rough and unnatural.

15. It’s ok to be 25 and single, even though childhood self thought I’d be married and having kids by 25 (HA… that’s cute small squeaky voice Alyssa… just adorable).

16. I’m not getting older, the cast of The Real World is just getting younger (or at least that’s what I tell myself).

17. Getting carded at Mayfair Mall is not flattering. It’s obnoxious and quite unnecessary. Especially after not getting carded for my sangria with dinner at Applebees a mere hour ago.

18. I’m the average age of the actors who played high school students on shows I used to love: One Tree Hill and The O.C… (how come no boys at my high school looked like Lucas or Ryan?)

19. Referring to my athletic days of high school is starting to feel weird and makes me feel like the small town quarterback who never left town and now sells used cars.

20. I will most likely never again go to a formal dance and it makes me very sad. I want an updo and a corsage and the adrenaline rush of being asked to be someone’s date!!

21. I can still shimmy my way in to my prom dress and all is right in the world again.

22. Hearing old school Nelly songs on the radio puts me in a good place.

23. Hanging out with my parents on a Saturday night is fun even if I often find myself going to bed before they do.

24. I’ve realized the true meaning of friendship and can’t imagine life without my closest friends. Although I’m sure the amount of blackmail worthy photos would be much lower…

25. Something about this age just feels right. It’s going to be a good year.

Cheers to 25!! But can I trade this shot of Rumpleminze in for a nice glass of Malbec? Thanks!