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Superhero Challenge Day 11: Time Matters…?

3 Oct

Today’s challenge asked us to log not only what we eat, but also what time we eat, so here it goes:

Breakfast, 6:45am:
Bowl of honey nut granola cereal with a cup of coffee with vanilla almond milk

Snack/Breakfast part 2, 7:30am: (already? haha)
Small baggie of frozen grapes in the car on the drive to work

Lunch, 12:15:
Cauliflower lasagna, 5 small turkey meatballs and salad

Postworkout, 615:
Pumpkin vanilla whey protein shake

Dinner in the car on the way to bowling (no I wasn’t driving), 645-655:
Turkey burger, over easy egg, salsa, avocado… ate too fast and was hurting through bowling

Bedtime snack (like a child), 10:


Fitting in a squat between strikes!

Since I had bowling I wasn’t able to go to crossfit so I tried to create a mini version of the WOD by doing 50 air squats, 25 knee push ups (I know, I need to work up to standard push ups) then a mile run. I did this twice. My first mile was 8:50 and my second was 9:40 and I felt like I was sprinting. I definitely have to work on my running and keeping my heart rate up for longer periods of time without wanting to puke.

Bowling was fun tonight. I switched from a 10 pounder to a 12er at the second game. It was nice to use a heavier ball and not have to throw my entire body down the lane to get a strike.

I am worried about my shoulder though. Last winter or spring I strained it pretty bad and it was awful dealing with the pain every day. It felt sore yesterday, I think from a thruster where I lost my balance a bit. I felt fine this morning but I was sore after bowling. I guess I’ll just have to focus on safe lifting techniques and keep an eye on it.